Embodiment as the One Heart - Community

Explore profound connectedness and the infinite creative potential of a humanity as one heart


This gathering holds a library of resources in connection with the process of "Embodiment as the One Heart". 

It is open as an additional educational resource for people who have completed the "Embodiment as the One Heart" Foundation Course. 

After completion of the course you build on your individual practice by studying the "Human Community as One Heart"Follow-up Course. You can then join co-creative, co-led, mutually empowering community practice gatherings, should you feel moved. 

Here you can find out more about the vision of this community and get a feeling for how we explore embodied oneness in our zoom meetings: 

This community encourages co-creative projects to spread the message of one universal aliveness, one humanity, one heart and one love, or simply reality beyond separation. The video below is an example of a creative project entirely coordinated on zoom. It was made before the existence of the Foundation Course, at a time when there were regular experimental zoom session of Embodiment as the One Heart, that originated in the idea to explore if "Embodiment as the One Heart" works on zoom. 


Here is what some of the participants of this One Heart immersive zoom space for the Caravan of Unity 2020 said about the co-creative process: 

Beyond belief and more real than could be imagined. Deeply profoundly grateful Eva and each. -Jiyun Park 

I AM profoundly grateful to each and every person to get this magnificent opportunity  to collaborate to bring global Peace to all! Love and Light to all!💞💞💕💝 -Alice Robb 

Different societal labels, Different nationalities, Different races and ages, but One profound connection, One big colorful humanity, One binding force, One smile uniting each in a blanket of one big heart filled with everlasting love. One love one song, one dance. One profound journey. One happiness. United we stand The one heart community :) -Driti Prasad 

A couple of years ago if people had told me that a deep connection was possible in an online space I would have said ’unlikely ’, and that's after a thirty year career in information technology. I now know it’s not just likely, because we long for this deep connection, and the OneHeart in an online space is real. It is going to sweep the world and take us all into collective consciousness in ways we cannot even imagine. Deepest gratitude for the wonder that is life🌻 -Alistair Cran 

Connecting with intention through the ethers has been a surprising blessing of love. My life has been profoundly changed. Deepest gratitude for the unfolding that is happening NOW. -Peggy Berger 

Thank you everyone for the loving oneness we felt being together❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘 -Grace Barry-Greb 


This online platform for the 
Embodiment as the One Heart 

...is hosted by Eva Millauer, the visionary founder and teacher of 

'Embodiment as the One Heart’.

You can find out everything about Eva’s work on https://evamillauer.com

Eva is envisioning the emergence of an "Embodiment as the One Heart" Community of students of the Foundation Course, and experienced practitioners, that is completely self-organising and co-led.

The Follow-Up Course "Human Community as One Heart and teacher training is in planning.

We have gratefully received a grant from "beads on one string" to develop this work. 

Eva and "Embodiment as the One Heart" is  a member of the: 

If you would like to find out more, ask any questions, want to have a conversation or consider a collaboration please visit:


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